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spotify meal


In this project for my Graphic Design II class, we had to reconceptualize and redesign a McDonald’s happy meal. I wanted to take something that is normally targeted towards kids and transform the packaging and the “toy” aspect into an enjoyable experience for teenagers and college students. 

box side 1.png
box side 2_edited.jpg
box side 3 copy_edited.jpg
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cup view 2 copy.png
cup  view 1.png
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fries outside.png
fries inside.png

I have always been fascinated by Spotify’s branding: the bright colors, the bold font, and the humorous ad campaigns. As they’ve been a huge design inspiration to me for so long, I was eager to merge their aesthetic with the iconic McDonald’s happy meal.


As a music and Spotify fan myself, I wanted to create something that I knew other music fans would enjoy. Drake is a huge icon and celebrity who is well-known by the demographic I was trying to reach, so I thought it would be perfect to build off of that and make him my “Artist of the Month” in order to keep customers coming back. I incorporated symbols of him, his lyrics, and the recognizable features of Spotify’s branding to attract my intended audience. To increase the interactivity, I included working Spotify codes that, when scanned, lead users to playlists and songs directly on their smartphone.

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